Connected Schools

One of the key differentiators of Homeschooling at SASE is the benefits the Connected Schools bring to our offering. Our Homeschooling is designed keeping in mind the holistic learning requirement of the child- Every homeschooling child should have access to all the learning opportunities that take place in a full-time school.

SASE’s Connected Schools are an essential part of the homeschooling network, rendering accessibility to all the programs homeschoolers need for socio-emotional development and other interventions for the child’s holistic development. The programs offered at our Connected School include but are not limited to art courses, music modules, reading (Raz, and EPIC), nature immersive learning, and after-school therapies for special needs students.

The programs at our Connect Schools are delivered to suit the homeschooler’s schedule and in line with their assessments.

Our Connected Schools are mandated to equip themselves with qualified special educators, occupational therapists, and clinicians from our partner Cadabam’s Mental Healthcare Group.