Credit Transfer and Mapping

Credit Transfer And Mapping/ Bridge Course

In the American K-12 system of education, students are allowed to retain the credits they earned in a grade/course in a previous school and transfer them to another school, in order to continue in the same grade or progress to the next one.

The NWAC accredited American High School Diploma Program makes it possible for students from schools in countries that do not operate the American system of education to transfer into a NWAC accredited school. NWAC does this by mapping various Government approved systems of K-12 education in countries around the world, with a view to assessing the extent to which their system overlaps with the NWAC system. It compares the number of credit hours invested by students in NWAC American High School Diploma Program in a particular grade/course against those of that country, and then assigns a prescribed level of acceptable difference between the two systems. The minimum acceptable level of difference that must be met before a student can be offered admission is 40%.

In India, there is significant level of overlap between the NWAC system and the systems of the central and State education boards, as well as their curriculum requirement. Therefore they fall well within the acceptable range prescribed by the NWAC American High School Diploma Program curriculum. As a result, it is possible to transfer credits obtained from a recognized school of the Central/State Boards into the American High School Diploma Program. The NWAC system of credit transfer is similar and partially draws inspiration from the Credit Transfer System offered by the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS). 

The system of credit transfer has enabled NWAC to considerably expand the number of Indian students who can access the best levels of global school education that is available through the NWAC American High School Diploma Program curriculum. It has also made it possible for NWAC to fully pursue and realize its vision of not denying any student access to good education, as long as they are willing and capable.

The Purpose and Vision of Credit Transfer 
The goal of the NWAC American High School Diploma Program is to provide a globally recognized and locally relevant K-12 program to students in India. Its primary focus is to bridge the gap in the school system created by the high drop-out rate of students in their K-12 years. Although many of the students who initially drop-out subsequently want to return, there is no easily accessible means for them to do so. This means that large number of citizens who could contribute to the skilled workforce are unable to do so because they are denied the opportunity to reach the required level of proficiency, due to their inability to complete their schooling.

During their formative years, children typically spend a lot of time and effort attending school and working to pass the different grades and earn their qualifications. However, in those cases where the student, due to any number of factors, is unable to complete their schooling, they run the risk of all that time and effort going to waste. Such students, as long as they willing to complete their education, only need an accessible and well-structured system that easily allows them to resume their education by simply starting off from where they stopped. Without access to such a system, they run the risk of abandoning their past achievements, qualifications and aspirations. The NWAC American High School Diploma Program provides an opportunity for such students to complete their formal education and earn an internationally-recognized at the same time.

This NWAC program also caters to students who although they finished their schooling, were not able to make the required passing grades

General Conditions of Credit Transfer: 
In our mission to provide the best-possible educational options to students, the American High School Diploma Program shall recognize the credit hours/academic hours and credits/marks/grades earned by a student in her/his previous school and qualification, subject to the condition that the student has completed the previous credits from a school that is:

  • Recognized by Central/State Board of India or any other Board whose Act of formation has been passed in the Central Government Parliament or State Government Legislative Assembly
  • Recognized/accredited by NWAC
  • Issuing an international qualification which is valid/recognized by the Central and State Governments of the country of origin or any other recognized Board in the world