Dropout Prevention Program

Dropout Prevention Measures

Given the importance of Drop-out Prevention as the main focus of SASE’s Mission in the state of Karnataka, its networks and partnership are intentionally designed to introduce more holistic points of view which make the organization’s efforts more effective. SASE’s affiliations with the National Dropout Prevention Center and Successful Practices Network have opened channels of access to resources of unquantifiable value, which are significantly impacting the success of our programs.

However, to fully deploy the expertise of NDPC, SASE requires in-depth insight into local social, cultural, and economic factors that may impinge on the success of the programs and must also adapt its efforts to account for these factors. To achieve this objective, SASE commissioned research into these local conditions in 2016, in collaboration with New Shores International College and SERI-School for e-Education and Research and Innovation in Karnataka. The goal of the research is to uncover the best ways to implement SASE’s multifaceted solutions to the problem of school dropout.

 Additionally, to avail students, parents, teachers and other stakeholders in the system with all available assistance, SASE also offers the following services, aimed at bridging the gaps which exist in the current school system:

national dropouts

15 proven strategies for
  drop out prevention