Education from a student’s perspective.

Will this even be useful in my future? Is there any point of mugging up so much information? As a student, it’s highly likely you have said it soliloquy many times when you felt disinterested in the subject.

It is important for oneself to understand the importance and relevance of a subject in order to give their hundred per cent.

On the other hand, there are students who find it difficult to learn in a traditional schooling system and are misunderstood with being lethargic or least interest with studies. It is difficult for them to convey their struggle to parents and teachers.

School can be a difficult place for some, it is our job to help students to feel free to learn and question when need be. SASE works on the principle of student-centric approach, where we go deep into the problem such as school-dropout cases, less attendance reasons and other factors which signify the student is having some problem getting a proper education.

We ensure students instructional practices which are interactive and more relevant to their after school needs. We provide on-demand assessments when the student feels ready. SASE is sensitized about all major learning disabilities and offers countermeasures and teaching methods for such students.

SASE is for students, the goal here is to make education accessible, productive and convenient.