There is a growing number of parents who think the standard school structure does not offer enough room for the range of personalities, interests and learning styles that children have. They believe that the current system is straitjacketed and stifles not only the natural trajectory of children’s development, but also stunts their creativity. For such parents seeking an educational experience for their children, that is personal, flexible and customized, homeschooling often presents the best option.

However, these parents face an uphill task finding the kind of support they need to make homeschooling a viable option. This is because in addition to resistance from conventional education systems, there are very few organizations that offer full-fledged educational support for homeschoolers in India.

SASE’s homeschooling policies and programs represent, probably, the most complete homeschooling framework currently available in India. This program is robust enough to accommodate every parent’s educational preference for their child. It features a customizable curriculum which allows the instruction each child receives to fit into their particular context and locality. Furthermore, it affords parents the opportunity to be more integrated into the everyday educational experiences of their children, in terms of decision-making, as well as, styles of instruction. Additionally, there are options for parents to adapt the way assessment is done and match it to the overall design of the program.

With SASE homeschooling programs, parents and children continue to receive support even when they move to another locality. This is because SASE employs technology to deliver the resources parents need, regardless of where they are in the world. Parents are assured of round-the-clock access to resources for assessment, online peer support and instructional materials. The children also receive needed support to integrate into new social groups to keep them emotionally balanced.

SASE’s homeschooling curricula are supported by NWAC and cover grades 1 to 12. The fact of it being recognized by the Indian government and also having acceptance internationally, means that homeschoolers who are educated using the program can transition seamlessly into all schools affiliated with recognized boards such as CBSE, NIOS, ICSE, IGCSE, IB, and other state boards in India.