II PU Failed Students

Everybody deserves another chance.  
Einstein once remarked “Everybody is genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

Not every student’s competencies are accurately measurable in the way an education system could standardize.  Many exceptionally talented and gifted students don’t cut it in the board exams due to various reasons. However, it does not mean that they are: academically incompetent and hence do not deserve a second chance, should not get the best quality education that their counterparts are eligible for. To address this issue, System for Alternative Schooling and Education (SASE) offers ‘Credit Transfer Scheme’ to give 2nd PUC/ ICSE/ CBSE 12th (Senior Secondary)/ IGCSE A Levels/IB  failed students an opportunity to overcome 2nd PUC/ ICSE/ CBSE 12th (Senior Secondary)/ IGCSE A Levels failed subject through the ‘On Demand Examination’. The number of admissions offered under Credit Transfer Program is limited and offered on first come first serve basis.

System For Alternative Schooling and Education (SASE) in collaboration with NWAC Board offers the opportunity for 2nd PU failed students to save their life’s precious year and rise at par with the other meritorious students by overcoming the failure by bridging the backlog subjects.

Instead of waiting for the next academic year to rewrite the failed subjects in PU/CBSE/ICSE/IGCSE/IB Board, students can take up examination of the failed subjects immediately through SASE and gain the necessary credits to achieve NWAC American High School Diploma and can pursue their fulltime higher education degree at par with other PU passed students this year itself.

Once students join SASE and take up the CTS, the passed subjects in PU board will be transferred to the NWAC Board towards achieving the American High School Diploma.  SASE will provide counselling and academic support for the students to clear the failed subjects in PUC through the equivalent subjects in NWAC curriculum. (Click here to know about NWAC). SASE has secured 100% pass percentage for 12thstandard (Senior Secondary) NWAC since 2013.This statistic provides a comforting assurance of saving precious years of students’ life.

What next after the dropping out from regular schooling? join alternative schooling program at SASE? The students coming in the classroom will have all the educational components same as other merit students, there is no distinction between students who come via CTS, and those through regular schools of NWAC in India and around the world.

Dont be left behind! Call now on +91 8971307614 to over come the failure and get ahead with your education.