JSS Open School Policies

JSS Open School Policies are formulated keeping in mind quality assurance, Institute’s core values and learner’s needs.

Quality Assurance Policy:

The objectives of the QA policy are to:

  • Provide guidance in the implementation of quality assurance in the School
  • Promote the quality of educational provision at JSS KOS
  • Monitor and evaluate QA systems to ensure that set standards are consistently achieved

Policy values:

  • Involving all stakeholders in the quality assurance process
  • Developing learners who demonstrate human values like equity, honesty and respect
  • Efficient planning and allocation and management of resources to ensure high-quality teaching and learning processes
  • Improving the literacy rates of the rural populace, who constitute the greater part of the State’s population

Teaching and Learning Strategy:

JSS Karnataka Open School policy promotes distance education as a method and mode of teaching and learning in order to promote access for the majority of disadvantaged learners in the State of Karnataka. Thus, more than 80% of student learning consists of independent learning.

Teaching shall be done through study centres, using well-designed self-learning materials. The learning materials are designed to be easy for learners to understand and to encourage reflection during learning. Care is taken to ensure that materials are dispatched to learners in a timely fashion.

Learning Materials (including OER)

JSS Karnataka Open School makes use of study materials produced by NIOS. The translation of study materials supplied by NIOS is being done by qualified staff. There are plans for the JSS Karnataka Open School to develop their own learning materials under the guidance of NIOS and the government of Karnataka in the near future.

The School will enrich learners’ experiences through the use of OER and plans are afoot for all learning materials produced by the School to be released as OER.

Learner Support Services

JSS Karnataka Open School will strive to make use of the relevant technology in order to enhance learner support. Assessment of quality in the provision of learner support services at study centres, including record keeping, will take place on a regular basis. JSS Karnataka Open School will continuously review the functioning of study centres.

Learner Assessment

The School shall put in place mechanisms for the quality assurance of both formative and summative assessment of learner performance. Formative assessment includes tests and tutor-marked assignments while summative assessment shall consist of end-of-year examinations.

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