The Purpose


To use education and enlightenment as instruments for building an equitable society where individuals can aspire and succeed, regardless of the economic circumstances of their birth.


To completely eliminate the issue of students dropping out and ensure that no child is left behind by our school systems; our goal is to provide education that offers disadvantaged or struggling students with viable alternatives backed by globally recognized qualifications, while preparing them for entry into the mainstream educational system.


  • Implement a system for early identification of academically challenged students, that is based on extensive research
  • Develop programs for remedial education which operate within and outside the walls of schools
  • Create flexible education pathways that allow more high-schoolers complete that level of education
  • Facilitate a system of credit-transfers between state schools and the NWAC
  • Provide a system of on-demand assessment which delivers tests only when students are ready for them; a system which keeps pace with students’ development, instead of forcing it.
  • Help schools, NGOs and providers of remedial education bring more out-of-school children back to school to complete their education; by providing an alternative learning option based on open curricular, modular assessments and leading to government-recognized qualifications.
  • Ensure that homeschoolers receive education that is equal to traditional education, by connecting them to SASE’s network of schools, offering personalized assessments, and ensuring that every child progresses seamlessly.