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Ineffective education is the primary issue at the root of many problems that trouble society. But although the solution to this problem is remarkably simple – educate everyone with a consistently high standard of education, regardless of race, religion, culture, gender, sexuality, disability or economic status – its implementation is astonishingly difficult. And this is true for all nations, including the world’s most developed countries.

SASE offers an innovative apparatus through which special-needs children can be guaranteed world-class education. By operating at a level beyond students’ socio-economic limitations, we deliver first-rate education to all students, regardless of their geographical location. Through a unique strategy that incorporates progressive and sustainable programs, we can extend equal learning opportunities to previously educationally marginalized areas, like remote rural regions.

SASE success across India has been made possible by complete adherence to our core philosophies of:

We facilitate learning for all categories of special-needs students through education that is innovative, inclusive and supportive, for attainment of all educational and vocational goals.

We constantly improve the state of the global education system by sharing the ethos and success of SASE through knowledge exchanges with other learning establishments.

We help young learners develop the skills and confidence to live and succeed at the same level as their contemporaries in their immediate society and the world at large.