Rural Dropout Prevention Measures

Rural dropout prevention measures

Reason for dropping out of school in rural areas are somewhat different than urban regions. Here the major proportion of drop-out cases and low attendance cases belong to migrating families. As finding regular employment is difficult in rural areas, some parents uproot the whole family and take their children out of the school in the middle of a year and wander around from one city to another for work. On the other hand, there are some families who leave their children behind to take care of younger siblings and elderly members of the family, which nonetheless abrupts their attendance in schools.

Other reasons for school dropouts in rural areas are;
  • Lack of parental encouragement
  • Lack of effective teaching methods
  • Lack of hygiene and sanitation in the school premises


First of all, parents need to understand the importance of school educations for their students to succeed ahead in life. Only when they priorities their wards education and motivate them no matter what will the child be able to have a decent education.

Secondly, teachers in rural areas need to put in more efforts to make the learning process fun and interactive, under no condition should a child drop out due to intensive curriculum or monotonous teaching methods.

Involving students in extracurricular activities, motivate them to do their best, one-on-one sessions with parents and students when the time permits and help improve attendance in classrooms and overall eradicate the dropouts numbers eventually.

SASE’s Contribution

  1. Providing specialised training to teachers
  2. Providing a world class curriculum which generate interests and produces practical results
  3. Provide flexible assessment for students who missed a chuck of classes, so they can catch up with the rest of the class.
  4. Providing counselling sessions for parents as well students
  5. Help state bodies to come up with a system to detect students at high risk of dropping out of the school.