System for Alternative Schooling and Education

All children are different. And while most will be able to learn via standard teaching methods, some will not. A number of children require a different environment that stimulates their natural learning abilities in a unique way. The System for Alternative Schooling and Education (SASE) is a customized platform that caters to the educational requirements of children with special needs or learning disabilities. It began as a collaborative effort with globally-recognized educational bodies like the Northwest Accreditation Commission (NWAC) and the National Dropout Prevention Center (NDPC).

The goal of any educational system should be to meet the needs of students and not to focus on arbitrary educational objectives. Sadly, the latter is often the case. The need for an educational system that is flexible and able to adapt to the learning needs of individual students is the primary motivation behind the establishment of the SASE.

The initial idea sprang from a need to address the alarming school dropout rate in India. All stakeholders in the educational sector agree that the issue is a result of multidimensional problems. But while most efforts to resolve the crisis are focused on addressing poor infrastructure and lack of basic amenities, the SASE approach focuses on addressing the psychological aspects of the problem. We work with parents and schools to identify students whose learning difficulties come from dyslexia, ADHD, etc, and provide them with the proper educational solutions.

SASE uses a multi-pronged approach that encompasses students, parents and schools. We provide alternatives to the standard schooling system, including the option of homeschooling. We also help schools provide inclusive education, remedial education and more. Established by a team of educators, SASE supports mainstream schools by helping to identify students with special needs; counseling parents and teachers; assisting with implementation of a more supportive learning environment and developing flexible assessment frameworks that take every student’s uniqueness into account.

At SASE we believe that disability should not be a barrier to learning. Rather, it ought to be viewed as a challenge to current teaching methods and the accepted systems of education. It reveals loopholes in the standard methods and calls for a different mindset and innovative strategies of education that employ a more person-centered approach.