Govt. of Karnataka

Since inception of NWAC’s operations in India, in 2012, its American High School Diploma (AHSD) and the accompanying curriculum have enjoyed widespread acceptance. Through order vide ED379, URC 2017, dated 19 April 2018, the Karnataka Higher Education Council – the body vested with powers to recognize international qualifications in Karnataka – directed all public and private universities in the state to regard the NWAC American High School Diploma as equivalent to 2nd PUC board or Senior Secondary qualification of CBSE for the purpose of undergraduate admissions.

Following their completion of the NWAC American High School Diploma with any of the international schools across the country, students are able to progress into higher education with several public universities in Karnataka using the AHSD. This is due to the higher institutions’ singular acceptance of the NWAC AHSD, which is in line with the Central Government of India, MHRD, AIU, CBSE, and NIOS’ recognition and equivalency for NWAC American High School Diploma.

Furthermore, in response to a proposal by SASE for a program to prevent school dropouts in Karnataka, the Karnataka Education Department and Sarva Shikshan Abhiyan issued an invitation to SASE, via order sa.shi.aa/oosc/other/2017-18 to conduct NWAC bridge courses in public schools. This is with a view to catch students on the brink of dropping out of school before they actually do.