Degree for Special Needs Learners

To aid continuity of learning for special needs students after the schooling to the undergraduate level, a partnership with New Shores International College, a premier Inclusive Education Institution affiliated with Bangalore University, has been forged by SASE.

Special needs children from SASE and other schools will have a reserved 20% of the admissions at New Shores International College for degree courses ranging from Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, Psychology, Music, History, to Bachelor of Computer Science.

While Bangalore University awards the degrees at New Shores International College in our IEP degree program, , the uniqueness of higher education at our partner institution is the 360-degree support to special needs learners, ensuring that special needs students continue to feel comfortable at the undergraduate level too after graduating from SASE.

Discover more about our IEP and degree course for special needs learners at our partner institution here

Media on our IEP for degree course and its success at our partner institution.