When a flower doesn’t bloom, you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower.

– Alexander D Heijer 

System for Alternative Schooling and Education is an educational platform built around the needs and natural inclination of students, rather than imposing a rigid learning environment.

SASE is India’s first and only fully accredited alternative school affiliated with Cognia-NWAC and recognised by the Government of Karnataka, MHRD, Govt. of India. We are exclusively authorized to offer qualification from 1st to 12th grade from Cognia-NWAC through Homeschooling, Open Schooling, Alternative Schooling and Online Schooling, making us the best alternative to NIOS National Institute of Open Schooling.

Our recognitions

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Empowering parents with autonomy, assessments, and qualifications.

Your Homeschooling with us removes all the barriers and challenges you face with traditional boards such as NIOS. We offer a holistic homeschooling pathway for you and your child from grade 1 to grade 12. Academic support, progressive assessments, music, art and life skills programs to fill the learning gap for students in need. Most importantly, a fully government recognised and globally renowned international schooling qualification  for seamless progression of your child from and to other boards, and universities in India and abroad.

Connected Schools

Bring inclusivity to your school through SASE- Become a truly 21st century school.

We aim to make our exclusively accredited Cognia NWAC alternative schooling K12 programs accessible to a wider section of leraners. To further our school’s mission, we invite mainstream and alternative schools to become our partners and offer our programs. As a Connected School, your school becomes the hub for learners under homeschooling, open schooling, and alternative schooling programs making your school stand out for diversity and inclusion. 

NIOS School in Bangalore
Open School Board

Special Needs programme

Meeting every child's unique learning and developmental needs.

Each child is a unique possibility with distinct potential to be unlocked: our Special Education interventions are built and continuously augmented by some of the world’s best clinical and educational experts. Our Homeschooling’s Special Needs Program and After School Therapies are integrated with individualised education plans, clinical-occupational-educational  therapies,  interventions, personalised assessments and qualifications meeting the stringent global parameters of Special Ed.


Filling learning and qualification gaps to enable progression to the next level.

Our Credit Transfer and Bridge Course Scheme help students with opportunities to reattempt the backlog/deficit  credits through On-Demand assessments. Students find our CTS and BC more conducive in comparison to NIOS.  These programs have enabled more than 5800 students so far to remain in the educational system and achieve 10th/12th standard qualification.  Through this program, our students have gone on to become graduates at different universities, secure government jobs, and progress to foreign universities. 

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Let's together build a society where no child is left outside the education system.

We put ourselves at the disposal of government as partners to build a society where no child is left behind by the school system.

For many countries across the globe, regardless of their economic status, the school system increasingly fails to deliver expected results, with growing rates of school drop-outs. Many aspects of the general society, as well as, the educational system make it difficult for schools to achieve 100% graduation rates. At the core of the problem is the question of the best schooling system for achieving universal education for all children with 100% graduation. We collaborate with governments in achieving educational goals.

The education your child needs in the format you want.