When a flower doesn’t bloom, you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower. – Alexander D Heijer 

An educational system that builds around the needs and natural inclination of students, rather than imposing a rigid learning environment, is the key to improved student participation and performance.


To completely eliminate the issue of students dropping out and ensure that no child is left behind by our school systems; our goal is to provide education that offers disadvantaged or struggling students with viable alternatives backed by globally recognized qualifications, while preparing them for entry into the mainstream educational system.

Our Partners

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Become a caring and inclusive school with capabilities to educate the students with special needs.

By constantly working with public and private schools, we continually increase the number of institutions that offer the NWAC Special Needs and Alternative Education Curriculum across all grades (1 to 12). This affords special needs students more inclusion within the educational system and makes schools more aware of how to cater to the needs of this class of students.


Just like any parent, we believe every child is competent.

Parents remain our greatest allies in finding or developing the optimum learning environment for their children to learn, grow and succeed. We recognize that no one is more invested in the child’s wellbeing and future, than the parent.

And like any parents, we firmly believe in the competence of the child, if provided with the proper environment to bloom and the right tools for learning. This is why in our work with parents we are willing to explore options outside regular schooling, such as, homeschooling and alternative education.

Open School
Open School


Whatever may be your challenge in education, we will help you overcome it.

We understand every challenge you face in the process of your education. You may be an academically challenged slow learner, a board exam failed student, a student who has discontinued education, a student seeking alternative learning, a working youngster wishing to complete your education; we will help you over come the challenges and reach your scholastic ambitions through the right methods of education.


Let's together build a society where no child is left outside the education system.

We put ourselves at the disposal of government as partners to build a society where no child is left behind by the school system.

For many countries across the globe, regardless of their economic status, the school system increasingly fails to deliver expected results, with growing rates of school drop-outs. Many aspects of the general society, as well as, the educational system make it difficult for schools to achieve 100% graduation rates. At the core of the problem is the question of the best schooling system for achieving universal education for all children, with 100% graduation.

Alternative schooling
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For students, who need more support in core subjects to achieve expected competencies.

Due to our vastly different capabilities and competencies, some students need more support than others, if they are to succeed up to the required level.

It is for such students that remedial programs exist; they give these students the special attention they need to build confidence and grow to their true potential.

Along with the above key areas of service, SASE facilitates personalised coaching to NIOS students who cannot afford tuition fee and/or do not have access to NIOS schools. Our teachers are exclusively trained in delivering NIOS curriculum to specially abled children studying under NIOS board. The NIOS curriculum support is available for children enrolled in 10th-12th grade programs of NIOS board.